Ad Response

Why spend time and money using your sales people to qualify leads? Custom Mailing Service, Inc. provides Qualified Leads for companies with our personalized telephone marketing communications program that is cost effective, delivers a consistent message, is professionally delivered, and frees sales staff to sell.  Here’s How:

Ad Response – We’ll provide telephone response to your advertising or trade show inquiries and bingo card promotions. We’ll provide you with an 800 telephone number with your company’s name. Our specially trained operators will use a script to fit your marketing needs to determine whether the lead is; A, a qualified lead (decision maker), B, an inquiry lead (seeking more information), or C, a shopper (shopping around).

Data Entry – Once our operators gather the information, such as title, company name, and authority to purchase, it will be entered into your personalized database.  Inquiries for literature will be fulfilled the same day.

Reports – To measure how the program is working, we’ll provide reports by sales area, zip code, or to your specific marketing requirements on a weekly or bi-weekly basis.

Personalized Letters – If additional literature is to be sent, we can provide a personalized laser printed letter.

Monthly Literature Inventory Report – So you’ll know when to reorder promotional literature, we’ll provide a monthly report to document the amount of materials shipped and quantities in stock.